i sit here contemplating the color of audacity


it must be a lovely crimson hue

not the color of pain

mind you

but the color of passion

I am passionate

and fearless

and amazing

these are the words I recite  in front of my mirror


hoping to remove the stain of you

I take strong, determined, giant steps away

moving like Oya

spear in hand, war in mind, victory in heart


victory as heart


i like that better

my mad woman chuckle is not so much mad

as it is a soundtrack for living

a will to live

i will to live

and move



2 Responses to “Forward”

  1. audacity’s hue. passionate color and reflection of you. love this piece sis.

  2. @ “moving like oya”, we, the new Yoruba generation were not properly educated on our own version of superhuman mythology.

    The exploits of Sango and co would soon be lost because they are not Ipod friendly.

    Educate me on Oya please? and any other of the great firstborns of Olodumare.

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