Ifa’s Explanation of Odu and Womanhood

(me and my Iya @ last year’s Caravan to the Ancestors)
My good friend La Rue posted this on Facebook and I have to repost it here and everywhere. The Divine has given women a special purpose. I am vibrating from these words in this moment. Ase ~ Jo
Ringing bells arrive from the vaults of Heaven. Ifa was consulted for Odu on the day Odu was making the journey from Heaven to Earth in the company of Ogun and Obarisa. Odu was the only woman among them. She asked Olodumare what would happen when they arrived in the world? Olodumare said the world would be good. He said everything they will want to accomplish would be done because he will give them the power. It will be good.

Ogun walked in front. When Ogun walked in front Obarisa followed and behind Obarisa came Odu. She asked Olodumare about the world. She said Ogun has the power to fight. He has his cutlass, he has the weapons necessary for victory. She said Obarisa has power, the power of Obarisa makes anything he wants manifest. She said she is the only woman among them and wanted to know her power.

Olodumare said for all of time you will be called Mother. He said you were the only one who traveled to Earth and returned to Heaven. Only the woman among them returned. He said you will uphold the world; Olodumare will give you that power. Olodumare said it is good……

….Prostrate, prostrate for the women.
Woman has placed you in the World, thus you are humanity.
Woman is the intelligence of the Earth,
prostrate for woman.
Woman has placed you in the World, thus you are humanity.


(Osa Meji)


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