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Our story is as ancient as Ausar and Auset

The Goddess who at the thought of losing her God forever

Scoured the earth searching for pieces of him

Only to make him whole again through her love and longing

I know that you are broken

And that there are fragments

But my hands are as Divine as my mind

As gentle as my eyes

Let me mend you and make you whole


On Dying

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well if we must die

let it not be by the hands

of those whom we love

Inspired by Claude McKay’s poem “If We Must Die”

Thoughts about Chicago during the Red Summer of 1919

And the ongoing youth violence in Chicago today.

The Dance

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it was beautiful

pushing pulling panting hard

until seeing stars

Like Nina Simone

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I love him simply because the sun shines and the rain falls

It is a natural, inescapable love

His beautiful black hands hold all understanding

Lovingly crafted by the Divine to carve out our liberty

And to patiently strum my deepest, darkest pains

It is a magical duality that we have mastered, he and I

He whispers his lessons seeking ease in his instruction

But exhibits amazing passion in the execution of his plan

In his past life he was Menelek, peacefully bringing the arch to our kingdom

Or Shaka, steadily sharpening spears in preparation for battle against our oppressors

He has never left his throne, despite being all but drug from atop it

Loving him is not an easy road, but I still choose to stroll it…slowly and without abandon

My hands deep in dirt, closely examining all the bumps, breaks, and barrenness

Watering as I go, with blood, sweat, tears, and gentle kisses

My tireless toiling will produce the most beautiful bushels in the spring

And when I am ready to gather my goodness and leave him in despair

I sit, and sulk, and sing

I love him simply because the sun shines and the rain falls

It is a natural, inescapable love

I imagine I sound like Nina Simone

Like Nina Simone


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Our introduction was an exploration into another time

Somewhere we sat close, bare, expressing our adoration

Therefore, there was nothing new in our newness

In this short time you have folded up my essence like fine linens

Careful not to ruin them, or hopeful at least

We are kinetic, cyclical, chasing each other through place and time

Hoping somehow to get it right

Knowing that we again may fail

But the beauty of our story lies in the the failures

We exist

Someplace in the staccato rhythms of hitting

And missing


and trying once more


but desperately grabbing hold

We are a beautifully wrapped package

of dreams and cosmos

As Women

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”Aya” – Adinkra symbol meaning endurance and resourcefulness

So I asked my mother

How she knew

When her mother

Who bore eleven

Was with child


She said thinking back


She would lie across the bed

With a cool towel over her head


Between cooking

And hauling meals to the field


And hanging the laundry


Or tending to the animals

Who themselves needed

Feeding, milking and skinning

I thought to myself

How many minutes

Were there between

All of those task

For cold towels

Belly aches

Swollen feet

And fatigue

As women

We find our heroes in

Policy makers

And protesters


And attorneys

But never grandmothers

Who always

Do what they can

With what they have

And still manage to pull open

Their Durham sacs

To give all 31

Of their favorite grandbabies

Two quarters

To spend however they want

And enough love

And good eatin’

To stick to their bones

For a lifetime

Black Beauty

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Her shoulders are heavy

But in her hunch lies a story

A sacrifice

Some heartbreak

She has somehow never stopped going



Beautifully human

But definitely so

Although sometimes unrecognized

Freedom comes from the giving of oneself


We should honor her

We should honor her